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Getting Started



Hi, I am LoftLad the founder of Bumping Uglies!

Thanks for checking out Bumping Uglies.  I know for some this whole NFT space is confusing so we are here to remove some of that confusion. 

Feel free to look around this site as we are slowly creating a library of articles to tell you everything you need to know about Bumping Uglies, Cardano and CNFTs in general.


STEP 1. Discord

Discord is an amazing place when you find the right server and you understand the basics.  The Bumping Uglies Discord server is the heart of our project and we have a great bunch of moderators online 24/7 to help.

Please head over to and follow a few simple steps to gain access. You will be asked to agree to the server rules and then click a green tick emoji ✅to show you're a human. 

Once you are in and can see all our "channels" on the left, please visit the general-chat channel to say hello.

STEP 2. Buy an Ugly

To fully enjoy Discord and to play the Bumping Uglies Game, you need at least one Ugly NFT. 

You will find a selection of Uglies available on the website .

You can read more about buying Uglies here.

You can read more about buying ADA here.

You can read more about storing ADA and NFTS here.

STEP 3. Play Bumping Uglies

Once you have a Discord account and you have bought yourself an Ugly from a market place then you are nearly all set to start playing the games.

If you visit (or click play in the top right) you will be asked to login to the game using the same Discord login you joined our Discord server with.  

Once in you have one last step to link you Cardano Wallet that contains your Ugly.  Click the the menu (hamburger icon) and go to the My Wallets section.  Follow the few steps we take to verify you own the wallet and the Ugly, then a few moments later you are all ready to play!